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5 Typical Traits of the American Bulldog

American Bulldogs can be a great companion and a protector of your home. These strong boned dogs are super active and obedient. But at times they can be aggressive too, depending on the type of American Bulldog.

If you want to have an American Bulldog, then it is recommended that you know about its traits so that it can be helpful to train the dog. Here are the typical traits of the American Bulldog.

They are active

As an American Bulldog owner, you need to be active as well because this dog is very energetic. You can use the dog for different competitions like weight pulling, hunting, farm work, or even patrolling your property.

You need to make sure that it gets enough time and space to exercise to keep itself fit and healthy.


Sometimes, the Standard and the Painter type of American Bulldog can be aggressive. But you can control this behaviour easily by making sure that your dog socializes with other dogs in the neighbourhood from an early age.

Good companion

They are good companions at home. As these dogs are super active, they can be a great companion for joggers, hikers, cyclists, and others as well. They will be beside you all the time without getting tired. They are extremely loyal, and you will have an enjoyable time with this dog.

Easy to train

You can easily train them as they are quick learners. But you should start training from an early age to eliminate negative traits like aggression. It is easy to tame them as well which makes it convenient for you to take care of them. You can take the dog for a bath, brush its teeth or cut its nails without any trouble.

Attention seekers

They tend to seek your attention; otherwise, it affects them, and they may show aggression. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend most of your time with the dog.

You can still get the time to relax and play online casino games or bet on sports at sites like Unibet. You can also bet and watch different types of exciting sports live while your best bud is right next to you. American Bulldogs are very affectionate towards people. They will not hesitate to perform heroic acts to protect you, your children or other dogs. They will be around you all the time.

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