American Bulldogs

4 Types of Skin Problems in American Bulldogs

The best feature of a bulldog, including the American Bulldog, is its wrinkles. It looks cute; however, the wrinkles result in different skin problems as this area remains moist and becomes the breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

American bulldogs suffer from different skin problems and these must be dealt with to keep the dog in good health. Here are the types of skin problems in American Bulldogs.

Fungal infections

Yeast infection, a type of fungal infection, is common in American Bulldogs. You will find them in the folds of the skin of American Bulldogs. When the dog has this type of infection, you will notice that it is scratching its head.

Sometimes, a black waxy buildup can be seen, and you might get a foul smell from its skin. You should wipe the affected area frequently with apple cider vinegar and water.


This skin problem occurs in American Bulldog puppies. Small pus-filled blisters are seen on the skin. It can happen in older dogs as well, but in this case, it looks more like acne. You should maintain good hygiene to get rid of these skin conditions.


American bulldogs can have allergic reactions to air borne allergens or even to certain foods. You will notice that due to these allergies, the coat becomes extra oily or dry. The dog will be itching constantly if it has this allergy.

If your dog is allergic to certain foods, then you should change its diet and it is better to not include any grains. If your dog suffers from this type of allergy, then it is better to keep it home most of the time.


This infection occurs when the folds of the skin rubs against each other. The area gets red and swollen. You can also get a foul smell in the affected area. It is possible to get rid of this infection by rubbing steroid cream or doing a simple surgery. You should take your dog to a vet if topical treatment doesn’t work. The best way to keep your dog safe from these skin problems is to wash the dog regularly and maintain proper hygiene.

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