American Bulldogs

Exercising Your American Bulldog

american bulldog 300x267 - Exercising Your American BulldogYou may think that American Bulldogs are not so fond of exercise, given their rather chunky appearance and peaceful nature. However, it is quite the opposite. They are a surprisingly energetic, playful breed and really need at least 45 minutes of vigorous exercise every day.

This, combined with their need for mental stimulation, necessitates a daily walk. You need to allow your American Bulldog to release its pent-up energy to avoid frustration.

However, this exercise can come in the form of a shorter walk. As you are resting, allow the dog to explore while using a long, retractable leash. This will let him get the required mental stimulation through the exploration of his immediate area.

It also gives you a well-earned rest and the chance to sit back and enjoy a few minutes of Unibet TV on your mobile phone. As a dog lover, you will be pleased to know that you can watch greyhound racing.

After your break, you can continue with the walk as your American Bulldog takes in all the various sights, smells, and sounds around him. It is undoubtedly better to take a shorter daily walk than try to fit the recommended amount of exercise into one long walk at the weekend. Not only will your dog benefit by having increased stamina, but you can also improve his muscle strength.

To achieve muscle strength, you can purchase weighted vests for your American Bulldog. This adds an element of resistance to the daily walk. However, do be careful not to overload the dog; add no more than 10% of his body weight. This will also make your dog’s heart work harder, leading to improved cardio function. So, in essence, you need to take your American Bulldog for a long daily walk.

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